OTCR ACC League S2-2020

Assetto Corsa Competizione

ACC Season 2-20 Format


Fixed single driver races 45-90mins one 120min race no driver swaps, (Driver Swaps will be reserved for Special Events)


2 night races

Weather aligned with real world where possible.


Success Ballast top 5 from race 2 onwards.(50kg - 10kg. TBC)


Teams of 2 for Team Championship and Special Events.


PRO AM categories. The finishing Bottom 3 Pro are demoted and the Top 3 AM are promoted for the next season. , New members are AM by default.


This will create 4 seperate league tables.
    OTCR S2-20 Championship Table
    Pro Driver Championship Table
    Am Driver Championship Table
    Team Championship Table


Qualification will start at 1930hrs (7,30pm) UK

More details on OTCR Discord

OTCR Servers now Online

Next fun race. TBC



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